February 22, 2019- An interested parent requested Calvert’s PTA be transparent and provide accurate accounting of budgets, fundraisers and bank statements. All request were denied by the PTA board. 

On August 28, 2019- Calvert held a meeting to elect a new PTA Board. At this meeting, a group of disrupters, school staff,  and their spouses  shouted and screamed at anyone volunteering to join the PTA board, in affect, bullying anyone volunteering to serve. 

Spouse to Calvert LAUSD employee and office administrator Damaris Mayorga motioned to disband Calvert’s charitable PTA foundation.  Calvert parents, students and teachers were not told about the charitable status revocation of  April 2, 2019. 

If you donated money and weren’t given a receipt, you may file a complaint with 

LAUSD Office Of Inspector General or file a complaint with the school Principal Steve Gediman.