Calvert PTA was established in 1956, and served Calvert kids and community for 63 years, sadly, due to egregious misconduct, Calvert’s PTA charitable  status was  revoked by the Franchise Tax Board on April 2, 2019.    

 August 21, 2019 Notice of status revocation mailed by the Franchise Tax Board to a Calvert employee’s home address.  The Calvert long time employee didn’t share this information with Calvert’s parents, students, teachers or families. In fact, despite the charitable trust revocation, Calvert continued to conduct fundraisers under the PTA status.  Calvert  continued fundraising efforts and pleas for cash and gift donations though its charitable trust was already revoked. Amanda Evans was principal at the time. 

August 28, 2019 Calvert held a  PTA board election for the new year: However, what many oft hose attending the meeting did not know at the time: Calvert PTA was no longer in good standing with the IRS, with the California State Attorney General or the Franchise Tax Board. Calvert’s status was revoked in April of 2019 after many years or failure to file with governing authorities. Linda Vasquez was PTA President from 2017-2018.  Matt Wright was president 2018-2019. 

If you made a cash donation, donated gifts,  or other payments for education services for your child, you may have been defrauded.   LAUSD may not charge for special education services, for general education, for school lottery placement, or for ordinary services which are provided a no cost under California Department of Eduction rules.  

A charitable organization that is not in good standing with the Registry of Charitable Trusts may not operate or solicit donations in California. (Cal. Code of Regs., tit. 11, § 999.9.4.) charitable organization received a delinquency letter it is because it has not filed one or more of the required annual reports with the Registry.